Clipping: Increase sales with professional images

A busy background distracts the viewer from your product. However, a freestanding object or one placed in front of a suitable background, looks attractive and increases sales.

In order to show your products more effectively, every cutout is manually clipped by Holycow24. Since quality comes first, we only use clipping paths for pinpoint accuracy with one-pixel exactness for your cutouts. After the background erasure, the objects can be placed on a neutral white background or another one of your choice.

You may combine standard clipping with other techniques (e.g., dust and scratch removal, color correction, shadows, reflections) from our image tuning arsenal.

Alternatively, you can also receive the graphics with masks or alpha channels for further processing of your own.

Clipped without effects

Clipped without effects

Clipped on white with shadow effect

Clipped on individual background

Clipped without effects

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