Hollowman Retouching: Stage textiles perfectly

The Hollowman Retouch (also called Invisible Mannequin or Collar Retouch) combines the advantages of model photography and laydown techniques. The result is a more sculptured and more realistic representation without the distraction of a mannequin

As a rule, the front view requires two photos:
In the first step, the garment is worn by a mannequin and photographed from the front. Afterwards, it is turned inside-out, and the back view is photographed. Both photos are cut out and assembled as a final image by the Hollowman Retouch technique.


Front view


Inner view


Depending on the quality of the photo material provided by you, it can make sense to augment Hollowman Retouching with other image tuning techniques.

If the textiles were not photographed symmetrically and/or are wrinkled, for example, these defects can be fixed by our image tuning.

Upon request, we’ll add shadows and/or reflections to your Hollowman product images.

Image Tuning: Symmetry

Image Tuning: Reduction of wrinkles

The back view is mostly comprised of a single photo and is merely clipped.


Final front view


Final back view


Final detail/haptic view

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