Image Tuning: Add value with correction methods

In addition to the standard cutouts, Holycow24 offers other picture corrections. Make your cutouts look even cleaner and more persuasive. These are the most popular image tuning methods we offer. For others, please contact us.

Contrast, brightness, and color correction

Example of a correction

Example of a correction


Removing scratches, dust, photo putty, reflections, etc.

Surface cleaning

Removal of scratches


Removing folds/unevenness

Removal of folds

Removal of strong folds

Contour and shape correction

Smoother edges and symmetry make your product pictures more attractive.

Symmetry enhancement

Shape correction

Shadow effects

Shadows make products look more natural. The viewer can imagine the object better spatially.

Shadow effect

Shadow effect

Reflection effects

Reflections make products look more sculptured and more classy or valuable.

Reflection effect

Reflection effect

Angle & size

Rotating and cropping of the product.

Cropping Nat Snacks After Cropping Nat Snacks Before


Cropping Shoes After Cropping Shoes Before


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